​About Angelray Co., Ltd

Angelray Co., Ltd

​Angelray Co., Ltd was established in 1998,
is a Taiwan manufacturer of fasteners & hardware.

​Our product range is not only standard part, such as chipboard SCREWS, self-tapping SCREWS, wooden screws,  SELF-DRILLING SCREWS, DRYWALLING SCREWS, TAPTITE SCREWS, CONCRETE SCREWS AND MACHINE SCREWS. we are also specializing in custom screws. Furthermore we are able to develop new product for customer’s need.​​​​​​

Angelray earns good reputation and trust from our customers in the past 20 years due to our strict QC and on-time delivery. We believe you will be satisfied with our products if you are looking for a reliable supplier in this field.

fasteners manufacturers in taiwan-1Micro hardness testing machine

fasteners manufacturers in taiwan-2Measuring profile projector

Typical drill-drive test fixtureTypical drill-drive test fixture

fasteners manufacturers in taiwan-3Coating thickness measurement instrument

fasteners manufacturers in taiwan-4Abrasive cutting machine

Mounting press machine

fasteners manufacturers in taiwanGrinder and polisher machine